Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loading Volvo onto Low Boy

Big Tridem Dump Truck

Big Dump Truck Transport

Off Road Truck Video

South West Car Show - 2009

Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Detroit Auto Show

Thursday, August 26, 2010

BMW and Porsche are loaded on to auto shipping carrier

Check this video to know how a BMW and Porsche car is loaded on to an auto shipping carrier..

Auto shipping tips in getting your car ready

Check this video for information about auto shipping, car shipping tips in getting your car ready for auto transport.

BMW Concept CS @ 2008 New York Auto Show

CS not CLS: BMW Concept CS at the 2008 New York Auto Show...

How not to unload a sports car?

Check this video to find how not to unload a sports car from a car shipping, auto shipping truck..

How not to unload a shipping container from a truck?

Check this video to find how not to unload a auto shipping, car shipping container from a truck.

Truck trailer inspection

Check this video for information about auto shipping, car shipping trucks inspection...

Truck driving schools advertisement

Check here for information about auto shipping and car shipping truck driving schools..

Commercial Truck Driver Training

Check this video for information about auto shipping and car shipping truck driver's training..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Making of volkswagen

Check this video to view the making of Volkswagen cars...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Helen Keller Car Show

Alabama car show

Friday, August 20, 2010

sussex vw show

Fifties car show - 2008

Check here for the various models present during the fifties!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Car crushed in a Truck Vs Bus crash

Check here to view how a car was crushed in a truck Vs bus accident.

Jordan's mini truck

Have you seen mini trucks? Check here.. It's amazing!

Walcott Truck Show - 2009

Check here to find the Walcott auto shipping truck show held in 2009..

Big Iron Classis Truck Show - 2009

Check here for the big Iron classic auto shipping truck show held in 2009..

East coast truck show - 2009

Check here for the East Coast auto shipping truck show held in 2009..

Mid America Truck Show 2009

Check this video to view the mid America auto shipping truck show held in 2009.

Amazing Cars

Check here for the various amazing car models..

London Auto Show

Check here for the beauties of the road!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 10 Car Manufacturers

You might have seen millions of cars roaming around your city day and night. Have you ever tried to know the top manufacturer among all these cars? Here comes the list of the top 10 automakers in the world.
Fiat: The final car manufacturer on this list is Fiat S.p.A, an industrial group based in the Piedmont region.
Suzuki: Suzuki Motor Corporation is the 9th largest automobile manufacturer in the world. In 2008, more than 2.6 million units were released.
Hyundai: At number 8 on the list comes the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai Kia which produced 2,777,137 cars in 2008.
Peugeot Citroen: Peugeot Citroen, is the seventh largest automobile manufacturer in the world and the second largest in Europe.
Nissan: Nissan Motors stands sixth among top 10 automobile manufacturers. Nissan Motors was founded in 1932. It is one among the top three car companies in Asia.
Honda: The Honda Motor Company occupies fifth place with a total volume of 3,912,700 units released in 2008.
Ford: Ford Motor Company was started on June 16, 1903 by Henry Ford. It is the world’s fourth largest car maker with a release of 2,145,000 units.
Volkswagen: Volkswagen group holds the third place with a total release of 6,517,288 cars in 2008. Volkswagen Group China (VGC) is the largest automaker in China.
General Motors: General Motors is ranked as the largest automaker in U.S and the second largest in the world for 2008. Cadillac and Chevrolet are the most famous brands for GM’s worldwide.
Toyota: Japanese car maker Toyota Motor Corporation is largest car manufacturer in the world. This company was founded by in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda.
For more car related articles, visit crazeforcars.com.

Top 10 Ferrari Models

Ferrari is one of the most popular car brands worldwide and its sports cars are undoubtedly one of the pinnacles of sports cars. With its huge engine, sleek body and speed, Ferrari has won millions of hearts among car lovers. Here you can find the the top 10 Ferrari makes and models throughout history.
Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 500 SuperFast

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari FXX

Ferrari 125

Ferrari GT4

For more articles related to cars, visit crazeforcars.com.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Toyota's way to become the leading automobile manufacturer

Check this video to find the steps handled by Toyota to become the leading automobile manufacturer.

Toyota production sysytem

Check this video to find the production system of Toyota, the leading automobile manufacturer.

Lower your monthly car payment

Check here to find ways to reduce your monthly car payment..

Energy from solid waste & automobile residues

Renewable Energy From Municipal Solid Waste And Automobile Shredder Residues

Check this video to find the renewable energy from municipal solid wastes and automobile shredder residues.

Motor vehicle industry in India

Check this video to find the growth of motor vehicles, automobiles, auto shipping and car shipping trucks in India.

Internet influence on automobile markets by yahoo

Automobile Online Market Yahoo Imrb Survey


Check here to find information about the new automotive logging system for auto shipping, car shipping and other automobiles.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Steps for preventing accidents on roads

Steps For Preventing Road Accidents

Check here to find the steps for preventing car shipping, auto shipping accidents on roads.

Funny car accidents

Funny cars accident

View the pictures of funny car accidents...

Guide for auto accident victims

Auto Accident For Pa Car Accident Law

A guide for auto shipping, truck accident victims..

Industrial Truck Safety Training

Stoltz Metals Power Industrial Truck Safety Training

View this video to know information about truck safety training...

New solutions in trucking

Green Logistics: New Solutions in Trucking - Team Carbon

You can find the new solutions for auto shipping and trucking industry...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Safety suggestions to prevent accidents

Watch this video and find the safety suggestions to prevent you from accidents.

Car shipping tips and suggestions 101

1. How to find the best auto shipping company? Search the internet for keywords like car transport, auto transport, car shipping, auto shipping etc.
2. Get the help of your friends who have used various shipping companies.
3. Scan the dedicated Car Movers Directory in the internet.
4. Go through the local telephone book.
5. Choose a auto shipping company who has handled more than hundred deliveries of vehicles and has more experience.
6. The company should provide quality and economical service.
7. Never be tempted into straightaway of accepting the lowest offer.
8. Gather information about the quality of service.
9. Compare the services & charges with those of other companies.
10. Choose a company that will deliver your car before you arrive.
11. To verify the credentials of any auto shipping company, go through MCSA Safety & Fitness Electronic Records.
12. Check auto transport review websites like www.transportrankings.com and The Better Business Bureau will be able to guide you with respect to comments & complaints about the company.
13. Talk to customer care, listen keenly as the answers given to your questions will make you grasp how perfect they are.
14. Get an online-quote of transporting charges, which is usually free with most of the car shipping companies.
15. Ask the companies for their insurance certificates.
16. Find out if the company is registered with USDOT and if a DOT and MC number is given to them.
17. Also find out if the car shipping company has the documentation to ship vehicles in the nation.
18. They should have a federal license as well as insurance and bond requirements.
19. Company should also have the correct court documents and cargo insurance coverage.
20. A fully legitimate company should have no problem with showing you these things.
21. If your shipping company is a middle man or a broker like (www.aaat.com) they will have a MC number.
22. Sometimes if you contact an international auto shipping company directly instead of through a broker, you may not enjoy any price reduction.
23. The transport company must have a skilled batch of professional drivers who can handle your vehicle in various climates.
24. Enquire about the various hidden costs in their presence. Be sure about the hidden costs before they pick your vehicles.
25. Choosing the service Avoid the confusion of whether to choose Open or Enclosed vehicle shipment? Answer is simple and right here!
* If you're shipping a luxury car or a classic car, it's better to go for enclosed shipping. If your vehicle is just a regular sedan, it's much cheaper to go with an open transport.
26. Open car shipping mode is nearly 60% cheaper than enclosed car shipping.
27. Enclosed car transport protects the car from various elements like dust, air, snow, and sun etc. Both have their pros and cons.
28. To opt for a cheaper route then tractor trailer is best as it takes more than one car at a time.
29. Customers can benefit when auto transporters use California to Florida route because they have to pay lower price for transportation.
30. An over sized car may cost more compared to a smaller vehicle.
31. Classic car transport & luxury vehicle transport may cost more proportional to their price tags.
32. Check if the vehicle will be shipped to your house or the nearest terminal.
33. A shipping company transporting your vehicle might not be able to get your automobile to your doorstep or close to your house, since their routes might not cover those areas. But a broker will be able to locate a vehicle shipping company that will deliver the car close to your residence.
34. Large company use multi car carriers and therefore have a longer delivery time because their trucks have many stops, and cannot always drive at your door.
35. Charges taken from terminal to terminal car shipping are cheaper than delivery of the vehicle to the house.
36. Terminal shipping is considered the best option if you want to save money.
37. If the rates are nearly the same, you can opt for the vehicle to be delivered to your home. But comes with a price.
38. Try to negotiate a lower price with the terminal shipping, even if it's not originally offered by the company.
39. Confirm from the transporter the address of terminal, so that you can pick up the vehicle as soon as it is delivered.
40. Don't be late for your appointment when it comes to leaving the vehicle with the shipper or when taking delivery.
41. Do remember if you choose door to door delivery, your vehicle may end up in a terminal if you're not at home at the time the car shipping company attempts to deliver your vehicle.
42. Payment methods and insurance details After receiving your quotes, find out what payment method the carriers use, and what forms of auto shipping payments are accepted (credit card, cashiers check etc).
43. Some car transport companies may insist on full payment in advance, while others may ask for a deposit.
44. The balance amount is usually necessary to be paid during delivery. You would additionally need a cashier to verify or cash set when the truck delivers your car.
45. Keep cash ready as not all truck companies accept payment via credit card upon delivery.
46. Never rely on verbal promises made by your shipper. Get everything in written.
47. Insist in writing that your car shipping company offers a guarantee that covers a rental car fee in the event the delivery date runs over by a certain number of days.
48. Verify the maximum dollars per day and the number of days allowed for your rental car coverage.
49. Ensure that costs, deductibles, damages, claim procedures, pickup and delivery dates, cost to cancel shipment, guarantees, etc. are all comprehensively covered in the auto shipping contract.
50. The deposit amount paid is very important. This is what the broker gets for moving the vehicle.
51. Seek a contract clause that waives the cancellation fee if your car is not picked up by your auto transport company within the time frame that you agree upon.
52. Some car transport companies will offer a guarantee that covers a rental car if they cannot make the agreed delivery.
53. Get all the details about the insurance that has to be paid while shipping the vehicle.
54. Some car shipping companies cover this with shipping cost and some companies carry it over as extra cost.
55. Read the contract till the basics are understood.
56. Be wary of hidden fees that are listed in the small print on the contract.
57. Make arrangements at least one month before for shipping the vehicle.
58. Confirm the dates two weeks before the actual shipment.
59. If you require a fixed delivery date, make sure to discuss this with the auto transport company.
60. Cost of shipping car shipping companies charge for a shipment based on the weight of the vehicle.
61. You have no control over the weight of the vehicle - but there are some things that you can do to cut down the overall weight before shipping.
62. Some cars have extra seats that can be removed before shipping.
63. Reduce the weight of auto shipment by keeping the gas tank content very low as Fuel can add quite a bit of weight as most tanks can carry anywhere from eleven to thirty gallons of gas.
64. Remove toolboxes, add-on vehicle fittings and other accessories before the vehicle is shipped.
65. The car alarm should be disabled, as there are many kinds of alarms and the car company might not be able to shut it off.
66. The antennae should be removed.
67. Fog lights, spoilers and other loose parts should be secured well or removed.
68. Convertibles should be shipped with the top secured properly.
69. While being transported the cars should not have leaking fluids like brake fluids, as this will fall on the cars below if it is being shipped in a two deck open trailer.
70. The car mirror should be folded, if it is too wide. The antennae should be removed.
71. If items like hood ornaments, decals, hubcaps are found loose, it is best to either remove or secure them.
72. Make sure to check the vehicle's undercarriage and also check for mechanical damages after shipment.
73. Any objects inside the car could move around and damage the interior. This kind of damage will also not be covered by the auto transport insurance.
74. Arrange for an auto inspection by individual mechanics and other companies that provide inspections for vehicles that will be shipped to ensure safety of the vehicle.
75. Take photographs of the vehicle especially of any dents, scratches, or other damage that is already on the car.
76. Before signing the agreement, make sure that you agree with any notations made regarding preexisting damage to your vehicle.
77. GPS tracking system Check if the auto shipping company that you choose also has a GPS tracking system enabled.
78. The car tracking system helps you to monitor rash, risky and dangerous driving practices.
79. Get free online car transport quotes from various auto shipping companies over the internet.
80. Certain information like the origin and destination of transport, appropriate departure date, type of vehicle that has to be shipped, type of car transport service desired like to door to door auto transport or terminal to terminal auto transport helps you give the best quote.
81. Things to be done before shipping; Obtain copies of insurance policies and all other agreements or promises in writing in order to avoid misunderstandings later.
82. Check the insurance plan offered for your package as the companies cover up damages only up to a certain amount of money.
83. You might want to consider a supplementary insurance coverage for a particular vehicle shipment. This might be especially true if you are transporting a valuable classic, vintage race car, exotic, antique or other specialty vehicle.
84. Ask for a copy of transporters insurance coverage, and find out whether their insurance is primary or secondary to your own car insurance.
85. Any licensed and authorized transporter will have insurance that would theft while your car is in possession of the auto shipping company.
86. The shipping company will complete an exhausting inspection of the car and a bill of lading will be signed by you.
87. Get the phone number of the driver who will pick up the vehicle.
88. Things to be done after shipping On arrival at the destination, you can verify the condition of the car.
89. If you notice any discrepancy, you note it down on the bill of lading and get it signed by the driver.
90. During delivery of your car, do not accept the car at night, since you cannot inspect it thoroughly.
91. Check the roof, front rear bumpers and also take down the mileage reading before and after shipping your vehicle.
92. When damages are found,First, get the driver's signature and then contact the car shipping company.
93. Second, if you received a poor customer service, first contact the car transport company dispute department and try to work out something.
94. Third, if the problem still exists, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
95. If there are grounds to file a claim, do so immediately after taking delivery.
96. Damages cannot be claimed if any of it is not signed by the driver at the time of delivery.
97. Your inspection report,should contain receiving and delivery information, current mileage, and details pertaining to the condition of your car.
98. If you're meeting in a neutral location because access problems prohibit door-to-door service and be clear where the driver wants to meet you.
99. At AAAT they ensure guaranteed performance regarding auto transportation and offer beneficial auto transport services using fabricated techniques.
100. AAAT makes certain when it comes to time factor for the customers, both during delivery and pick up.
101. If there is anything else you want to know? Call AAAT at 877-859-4500 (Toll-Free).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diesel Truck National Championships

Check this video to view the diesel truck national championships.

Carlisle Truck Nationals 2007

Carlisle Truck Nationals 2007..

Transport for Christ Truck Show '09

Different trucks present in the truck show 2009...

Where to buy cheap cars?

What to do when caught with police without driver's license?

Check this video to find the steps you can do when caught with police without your driver's license.

Auto car insurance coverage laws

Check this video to find the auto car insurance coverage laws..

Three ways to get cheap car insurance

Check this video to find 3 ways to reduce your car insurance.

Compare auto insurance quotes online

Check this video to know how to compare auto insurance quotes online?

Online Car Insurance Quotes

Free online car insurance quote.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trucking Accidents that occurred during auto shipping of Cars

Trailer Carrying Cars Falls apart on Highway during accidents
On the Interstate 64 in Virginia (VA), a trailer which carried automobiles hit a car and fell apart along the highway and resulted in major delays since two lanes had to be closed. This truck/car accident happened on the eastbound lanes close to the Camp Peary exit. After the tractor trailer hit the car, it slammed into an overhead sign leading to major guardrail damage after the trailer’s vehicles inundated I-64.

Accident during auto shipping of cars
Tractor-Trailer Carrying Cars Overturns in Albemarle County
A tractor trailer that was doing auto shipping for cars was over-turned on the route 22 in Albemarle County. The wreck happened just north of the intersection with Route 250 in Shadwell.

Taylor County Car shipping truck Accident
A tractor trailer which was delivering several cars form Illinois to Baltimore and was on U.S Route 119 in Taylor County, got stuck in a ditch when the driver turned down a side street to turn around. Luckily no one was injured. The main reason to why such devastating accidents usually happen is due to the sheer size of these tractor-trailers. Most of these trucks weigh over 80,000 pounds, according to the Department of Transportation, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the trailer in this accident weighed even more since it was hauling vehicles.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Used car dealers in U.S

Find information about the latest used cars in U.S.

Working Of US Auto Shipping

Shipping your expensive car might be a hard task sometimes. But if you get help from an experienced auto shipping company you can make the move without any tensions. Auto shipping carriers ship your car and protect out from the troubles caused due to driving on your own. The expenses differ completely with different car transport companies. It’s is always better to obtain car transport quotes from different car shippers to analyze and realize the differences in costs and services.

Before you say good-bye to car see that you don’t keep any of your personal belongings into the car. Don’t load your car with the fuel as the fuel weight might be counted in the bill along with the car weight. By reducing the quantity of the fuel you can also save some money. Auto shipper will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings of yours and remember it will not be covered under insurance too.

You car transport company will also provide you drive away services by which you can hand over you car to the car transporter’s driver, who can drop your car safely to the destination required. This will keep you away from the hassle of driving on own and can also protect your car from the damage caused during shipping. If you choose to ship your vehicle via trailer offered by car transport company, you can add some of your belongings in car trailer or carrier for shipping. This is usually cheap method of car transportation.

This is how a car transport company in US works.

Transporting dangerous goods

The landlord transport rule came in to effect on June 27, 2005. This rule provides the guidelines for safely transporting dangerous goods.

For whom the rule applies?
This rule applies to all the people who transport dangerous goods but it will depend on:

* the type of goods
* how much you are transporting
* Whether you are transporting the goods as tools-of-trade or for your own domestic or recreational purpose.

What are dangerous goods?
The dangerous goods transported through land that consists of explosives, flammable, toxic, corrosive properties; and containers that have held dangerous goods. Other items like fireworks, petrol, swimming pool chemicals, LPG, compressed air cylinders and solvent-based paints are also considered as dangerous goods.

How do I recognize these goods?
The packages should be marked in such a manner such that any person should be able to identify that the package contains hazardous properties. This warns everyone who handles or transports the goods, or who finds the goods in an emergency situation.

For transport, dangerous goods should be identified with a United Nations number, a "proper shipping name" and a diamond-shaped warning label. Dangerous goods packaged for retail sale need not always have this diamond label but should be marked with warning information to identify the hazards..

How to transport these goods safely?
You can transport dangerous goods safely and securely, depending on the nature and quantity of the dangerous goods.

What are my responsibilities?
Any people responsible for transporting dangerous goods have to abide by the Dangerous Goods rule. There are specific responsibilities for consignors, loaders, drivers or operators of road or rail vehicles, and employers. If you carry dangerous goods for agricultural use or for a commercial purpose, then you are responsible for:

* properly packing and identifying the goods
* segregating incompatible dangerous goods
* safeguarding the load on your vehicle
* carrying emergency response information
* Ensuring safe handling practices and emergency procedures.

If you carry dangerous goods for domestic or recreational use, then you are responsible for:

* properly packing and identifying the goods
* segregating incompatible dangerous goods
* safeguarding the load on your vehicle.

You have specific responsibilities when transporting dangerous goods in small quantities if you are a transport service operator. They can be transported with some relaxation of controls, as long as you are not carrying more than one ton of these products. The requirements for this category of dangerous goods are set out in section 2 of the Rule.

Small Packages of dangerous goods can be transported without a dangerous goods declaration, placards on the vehicle or drivers having a dangerous goods endorsement on their driver license, as long as the total quantity does not exceed 50 kg.

Some explosives can also be transported under the small package provisions. You must comply with all the requirements of the Dangerous Goods Rule if you carry dangerous goods as tools-of-trade, for agricultural use or for a commercial purpose, and the quantities are more than the limits in schedule 1.

These include requirements for packaging, identifying, documenting, segregating and driver license endorsement.

Truck driving championships parade

The parade of different auto shipping carriers before truck driving championships.

Friday, August 6, 2010

2009 Toronto truck driving championships

Auto shipping companies participating in Toronto truck driving championships ..

How to find the cheapest auto insurance?

Find how you can find the cheapest auto insurance..

How to get your car insurance?

Watch this video to find how you can get your car insurance before being damaged during auto shipping or accidents.

Control your costs before auto shipping

Get the expert advice and control your auto shipping costs and auto insurance costs before ordering for auto shipping.

How to get your vehicle ready for Auto Shipping

From this video you can find how to get your vehicle ready for Auto Shipping.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unloading your vehicle after auto shipping

Here you can find how your vehicle will be unloaded after auto shipping.

Checking the vehicle before shipping

View this video to find how to check your vehicle before loading for auto shipping.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Proper way to load vehicles for auto shipping

View this video to find the proper way to load vehicles for auto shipping in an open carrier transport..

Open Car Shipping Carrier Securing the Vehicles

Watch this video to find how your vehicle will be secured while shipping your car with open carrier transport.

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