Monday, December 27, 2010

GM launches Sail EV Concept in China

chevrolet sail ev concept
General Motors entered the Guangzhou Motor Show with 23 production and concept vehicles. Out of these the most interesting was the Chevrolet Sail Electric Concept Vehicle. This EV was worked with a partnership between Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center. While the new EV uses the recently-introduced Sail for most of its bones, it ditches the internal-combustion engine in favor of an electric motor and lithium-ion batteries.

This tiny EV can cruise up to 93 miles before recharging. You need to recharge it everyday since the charge can only be available for 93 miles. As of now, there's no indication whether GM will produce the Sail EV concept, but the General really wants to expand its electric vehicle lineup here in the United States.


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