Thursday, January 20, 2011

Michael Keaton Batmobile


One among the three Batmobiles from Tim Burton's Batman Returns is up for auction and the bidding will wrap in a few hours. If you want to bring it to your home please rush to the bidding as time is running out. This car was the best out of the three used for filming and its available with full documentation. It gets power from a Chevrolet 350 cubic-inch V8 with Hedman headers and an Edelbrock aluminum.

This particular model comes with hydraulics for easy loading and unloading. As of now, the price has reached up to $311,000 but the reserved price is set as $499,000. This vehicle is located in Clearwater, Florida. If no one reaches the reserved price before the auction closes, it will also be auctioned on live television and so it will appear in Scottsdale, Arizona for this weekend's big Barrett-Jackson auction.


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