Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Volvo introduced airbag system in its Latest V40 Car

volvo-v40-airbag-systemVolvo has introduced its latest 2013 V40 model cars. It has the special external airbag on the front side to protect pedestrians in case of any accident happen. This car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, it has special sensors to detect the accident. If there is any accident happens, the sensor activates the airbag. The back end of the bonnet is released and raised by the airbag as it inflates to cover the entire area under the raised bonnet as well as around a third of the windscreen.

The cushioned bonnet and airbag helps to reduce the harshness of pedestrian injuries. Actually this airbag appears to be an iteration of an R&D project developed at Cranfield University in 2009.

The car also has a traffic lane keeping aid, which assists drivers to stay on course. According to Volvo's study, about 30 percent of all accidents are caused by turning off the road due to driver sleepiness or diversion. The front camera monitors the left and right lane markings and then the lane keeping assist applies extra navigation torque to the steering wheel when the car gets close to a lane marking and is about to leave the lane at speeds above 65 km/hour.

The car also has walker detection sensor to assess if a walker steps out into the road in front face of a car. If the driver doesn't respond in time, the car warns and it automatically activates the brake. The radar finds whether anything is in front of the car and the camera finds whether it is a person or not.This system is programmed to trace a pedestrian's movement and it calculates whether they are possible to step into the road in front of the car. If a pedestrian crosses the car's path, an alarm will on and a light will begin to flash. If the driver doesn't respond that, full braking control is applied automatically.

The car also has another one special tool called "cross traffic alert" to warn the driver, if any vehicles approaching from the side when reversing out of a parking space and it displays road signs such as the speed limit in-car display.


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