Monday, September 10, 2012

Land Rover's all new Range Rover an enigma wrapped in a dazzling shape

Range over

It's not often you interpret a story that thrills, puzzles, amazes and confounds all within the first few paragraphs. That was the variety of emotions washing over me when I read Digital Editor Andrew Stoy's explanation of the new Land Rover Range Rover.
It wasn't with the effective of the tale, which Stoy did well while battling jet lag. No, it was the story the Land Rover people were crafting and spinning what it is they aim to achieve with this latest Range Rover flagship/battleship.
See, this is the first sport usefulness vehicle to use an all aluminum frame. Momentous stuff if you ask me. It's a weight saving move, for sure, and we're told an attempt to increase its structural inflexibility for better ride and treatment. That this all aluminum effort bleached the behemoth by a whopping 39 percent 700 pounds is no easy feat, and they've done it! Bravo.
To make it even better Land Rover fitted the fashionably designed vessel with a 3.0-liter diesel-hybrid engine. So ready, this monster can get from a standstill to 60 in less than seven seconds, a more-than-respectable time. Though fuel-economy comparison are apples to guavas, in its diesel-hybrid pattern this largest Range Rover achieves an imposing 45.5 miles per gallon on the European fuel cycle, a test that is more generous than that to which we subject U.S. vehicles. Still, this attainment deserves a hearty “Wow!”


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