Saturday, July 31, 2010

Auto Shipping Insurance

Car insurance
People never buy vehicles without insurance. When you are relocating and you need to ship your car to a different country or state – your vehicle might incur scratches or damage. Your car might not be damaged during shipping but you have to be prepared if it happens.
Please check these steps to ensure that you are receiving proper insurance:
  • Get every detail in writing.
  • Check if the company has an up-to-date insurance certificate. Ask questions such as: Will your car be covered for any damages while shipping?
  • Does auto insurance cover the vehicle both during loading and unloading? Will the coverage be the same even the car is in transit?
  • Do not load any personal items on your vehicle as they will not be covered for damage or theft in transit.
  • Before the vehicle is shipped, the shipper will thoroughly check it and you should be available there to debate any inconsistencies. Please don’t forget to thoroughly check your vehicle before signing the condition report once it’s delivered. Once you sign the report, the shipper will be relieved from any damages if you find later. If you’re receiving your car during night, be smart to inspect the car in a bright area because some damages might not be visible during nights.
  • If you find that any damage had occurred during shipment, mention it in the bill of lading and ask the driver to sign it. Inform the auto transport company about the damage and start claiming the damage reimbursement process.
  • If your auto shipping company does not pay your damage claims, you can contact Better Business Bureau. You can even contact the Department of Transportation for filing complaints and get a court judgment against such auto shippers.

You can notice that licensed and bonded car transport companies will definitely carry proper insurance to reimburse damage claims. Please note the above mentioned steps while you are looking for car shipping.


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