Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Truck Driving Championships - Alabama

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The Alabama truck driving championship is an exciting family event which is held each year in May at the Bessemer's Debardelaben Park. This event brings trucking industry's best drivers against one another in a test of road knowledge and driving skill.

The championships recognize the association's best drivers in eight different classes, and each company can send up to two drivers in each class. To compete in this championship, a driver must be accident-free for the past 12-months and work for an association member company.

The competition is scored by points given in each of four different areas. A written exam can earn up to 40 points, a personal interview is worth a maximum of 10 points, a pre-trip inspection earns up to 50 points with 10 bonus points available, and the all-important skills course is worth a maximum of 300 points. Contestants earning the most points in each class are declared champion.

Winners in each class who qualify can then go on to represent Alabama in the National Truck Driving Championships sponsored by the American Trucking Associations in August. Classes include straight truck, twins, three-axle van, four-axle van, five-axle van, sleeper birth, flatbed and tanks.


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