Saturday, September 18, 2010

2011 Nissan Leaf electric car is a treat to drive

Electric cars have been around as long as gasoline versions, but their limited range always outweighed the fact that they are simple to use and easy to drive.

Electric cars were big in the early part of the last century, largely because gasoline vehicles had to be hand-cranked to start — a difficult process that left some unwary folks with broken bones when the crank kicked back.

Then, Cadillac's self-starter made gas engines a breeze to ignite: Push the button, and there you go. And there went electrics, into obscurity.

Nothing but somber silver and boring blue -- until now. Upon our encouragement, Nissan's California outpost yanked a red Leaf electric car out of some nook and provided a photo for Drive On readers first.

It shows that in a snappy color, Leaf loses some of its ugly-on-a-stick ambiance. There's much more to Leaf than its shade.


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