Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Automakers reveal new models at Beijing show


BEIJING - Automakers are bringing SUVs and luxury sedans planned for Chinese buyers to China's largest auto show this year as they scramble to keep sales growing amid a slump in this giant market's once-explosive stipulate.
Sales growth in the world's largest auto market plunged from an eye-popping 35 percent in 2010 to just 2.5 percent last year as China's market slowed. That is anticipate to rebound to about 5 percent this year  stronger than the United States or Europe but a challenge for automakers that added new assembly lines during the boom, leading to a excess of supplies.
General Motors, Honda, BMW and other universal brands, as well as determined Chinese rivals such as Chery and Geely, are wooing Chinese buyers solid at Auto China 2012, which opens next week. World premieres are designed for three Ford SUVs, a Fiat 500 co-designed with fashion house Gucci and a variety Rover styled by designer Victoria Beckham.
Automakers that used to sell the same models in every market with few changes for local tastes are creating models adapted for Chinese buyers.


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