Monday, May 14, 2012

Audi's new five-door A1 Sportback is a small cracker


JOSE Mourinho is the self-proclaimed extraordinary one well, there's a new candidate to his throne. Hailing from Germany, step onward Audi's five door city car. The new A1 Sport back is the whole thing good about small cars. It has style in profusion, provides a sporty drive and its low running costs mean there's never been a better time to rationalize.
My test car for the week was the opening level 1.2 TFSi in Sport guise. This model may be at the bottom of the group in terms of engine and price but, believe me; it's as good as any in the line-up. The little petrol engine provides 83bhp, but being the lightest car in its class, it feels quite energetic and it punches well over its weight.
Around town the little A1 is nimble and receptive, and the light navigation makes it a doddle to park. Venturing on to the motorway and the A1 can grip its own. You can get up to cruising speed earlier than most medium-sized hatches, and it's nippy enough to overtake lacking being frightened by larger vehicles.
On the roundabout roads, the A1 can be a real blast. The 17-inch wheels provide plenty of grips, and the precise navigation lets you tackle corners with ease. The perky little petrol unit has plenty to offer, and the raspy note from the tire when pushed hard sounds like there is something much better under the bonnet.
The A1 replaces the A2, which sold well enough without being a show up car. Audi's new city car has style in profusion and, in Sport spec with 17-inch wheels, looks absolutely beautiful. Audi's city car gives off a sporty and powerful appearance. The stern spoiler and coil bonnet and tailgate add to the sense of prowess. The wide stance and the brave shoulder line running around the car gives it an athletic, yet elegant look.
With a lot of people now choosing to economize, the Audi A1 is the ideal choice. Like all Audis, the A1 has excellent build quality and the cabin is refined. You won't think like you've lost out too much, as the interior of the A1 is as complicated as its bigger stable mates. The use of soft-touch materials gives the A1 an up market feels. And if size really matters, then don't be put off by a urban car. I'm somewhat over six foot, and I found the A1 very comfortable. Passengers in the back didn't protest of being cramped, and, after a week behind the wheel, I couldn't responsibility it’s soothe.


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