Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Subaru plans to raise the sales of vehicles on United States after faltering in China

Subaru in USA

Automotive News states Subaru no further plans to produce vehicles in China in the near future. The company had actually intended to start building cars in the country by 2016, but has re-shifted its center back towards North America. Subaru will now raise production at its Indiana ability while also examining other ways to up ability in North America.

It's only been ten months since Subaru published its planned to construct a manufacturing plant in China in just 5 years. Last year, the company said it intended to put up 150,000 units per year in the People’s democracy and introduce an extra thirty thousand vehicles .Those counts have been slimmed to a more modest 100,000 units, all of which will be imports. While Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, the president of Fuji Heavy Industries, says he would still like to see Subaru have a industrial unit in China, he doesn't expect it to occur by 2016. In the intervening time, Subaru has also raised its North American sales aims from 380,000 units to 410,000.


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