Monday, May 14, 2012

Toyota introduces new Pixis Epoch car

Toyota Pixis Epoch

Kei cars may be little in size, but they're large business in Japan. The latest arrival to the type is the little hatch, the Toyota Pixis Epoch. It's the fourth vehicle manufactured by the Daihatsu division but sold under the Toyota brand. As with other keis, power comes from a 660cc engine and it is a mate to a constantly variable transmission driving either just the front wheels or all four. In both configurations, the Pixis Epoch includes a start-stop system that helps its emissions and fuel efficiency figures come in well below even the Japanese government's stringent standards.

The complete kit measures just 3,395 mm (133 inches) long, 1,475 mm (58 inches) wide and 1,500 mm (59 inches) tall, but offers a relatively spacious and utile interior, plus a tight rotating radius of just 4.4 meters.


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