Monday, May 21, 2012

Customized Rolls-Royce fulfils buyer's imaginings


Despite the price premium of modified models, dealership is certain of success after taking direct inputs from customers on the design         
Dubai: Details matter. Rolls-Royce and its Dubai importer AGMC certainly pledge to this view as they work on a new bespoke anthology wholly for this market. Though nothing has been finalized, it could borrow well-defined Asian heritage themes.
"Designers and engineers are working on a main substance that we are sure will be an accomplishment in the region," Mohammad Al Arishi, brand manager for Rolls at AGMC, said. "The details will be kept clandestine at the moment, but it's a project that is relying on some of our customers' straight contribution as well as our marque's inheritance."
To varying degrees, importers of other luxury and sporty marques are busy in their own customization drives. "It helps fetch a much higher edge. It ties in the buyer more firmly with the brand and the dealership and for the buyer it means the sheer enjoyment of driving amazing totally in sync with his personality," a senior official at a dealership for a primary German brand said. "At a later date, customization does help immensely in the resale pricing."
As it works on the new one, bespoking and the more complicated the better has worked generously for Rolls and its Dubai dealership in the past. The UAE easily establish a place among Rolls-Royce's top markets last year, a period that also coincided with the marque footage its best presentation ever, selling 3,538 cars universal.


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